Are you happy in Brazil?

Hello everyone!

According to the 2016 UN World Happiness Survey, Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland are the happiest countries on earth.

How about you? Are you happy in Brazil? Do you feel happier today in your host country than before in your home country? What has contributed to the change?

In your opinion, are locals in Brazil happy? How can you tell?

Please share your experience!

It's true that some countries do make you feel happier than others but the biggest factor in happiness is how happy you are in your own skin, doing the things you are doing with the people you are doing them with. It's also about knowing when one phase of your life is ending and another one starting. For me that is always a trigger to move countries in a very positive sense. I spent 14 years in Brazil just now and returned to the UK at the beginning of September. I was extremely happy and fulfilled in Brazil and now I'm back in slightly cooler London (which many said I would hate after Rio) I find I am equally if not happier here (new phase starting etc.)


Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland are happy countries, because their governments don't turn their backs on poverty. They do their best to make sure everyone has food, medical care and education opportunities.

There is a lot of poverty in Brazil. Like most places, those who have the money tend to be happier.

Yes. Very happy in Brazil.....

I do not believe everyone is happy is Switzerland. Iceland and Denmark according to a computer survey it's the same everywhere if you don't  have money you going to suffer beside  Europe  is going down in anyway

I am very happy here! Love the way of life and the pace of life. There is always something to do. Never a dull moment.

However, if I didn't have a retirement check every month to supplement my income I would be miserable here. As an expat there is very little job opportunities unless you buy a business. Which in my opinion is the best way to survive here. Yes you can teach English but there is a bunch of people doing it. It's also hard to get Brazilians to commit to anything. They want classes but won't commit, so don't count your chickens until they hatch 😂.

that's  very nice according to the UN happiness  survey now we all go to those  countries and the whole world will be happy. .who made this survey is he happy
everything  has become internet and computer survey but the realty lacks there are people happy everywhere in the  world hapiness is a state of mind

Living here as a Retiree is very easy. I think if I had to work it might be more difficult. I've noticed too much time is wasted in work practices.  When I go to an electronics store to buy something it requires too many people to make the purchase. If it weren't for me having a wonderful Brazilian wife , it would be much different.

Iam very happy, ive just been given 2 more building jobs that come in today
that will keep me busy untill early next year
Happy happy man

No. it has been very difficult as an expat. When my friend came to the USA on a student visa, she was able to open a bank account on the same day with her Brasilian passport and she used my US address. She walked out of the US bank with a debit card.
I've been in Brazil for 6 years without banking.

is it that you just dont want a bank account, or they just wont give you one
i was here 2 mouths and got a bank account,
still giving me a bank account that i can use, when the banks are not on strike. would be good
"Up the workers"

My wife used everything oline that she needed in her BDB account. The strike did not affect us.

Brazil is nice country with beautiful people

Hiya, what made you move back to London?

You are very lucky SpanishPete, i would love to move to Brazil but i don't speak portguese and i think you need a particular skill to emigrate there.

i dont speak portguese, and ive been here 2 years, and the only particular skill you need to come and live in Brazil is the
"Well to do it"
its like the old saying
When theres a well then there,s a way

''Where there's a will, there's a way''

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I am happier here in Brazil. Two years ago, I moved here for love, but things have worked out for me professionally as well. I also became a homeowner for the first time after moving to Brazil. For all my complaining, Brazil has been good to me. *knocks on wood*

That said, I miss my family very much; however, I have seen them three times since moving here and will see them again in February.

p.s. If my husband weren't here, I'm sure I'd feel differently. I have a good job and good friends, but my amazing husband is the person who truly makes me happy!   :heart:

Brazil is ok .....Main problem is things are too expensive vs the salary's been to low and also very little return on your tax have to get everything private....
That said I think life here is still a little kinder than in South Africa.....but the high tax which makes everything to expensive here (and funds all the endless corruption ) is just ridiculous....time for Brazil to clean up it's act!

I'm a lot happier when I am in Brazil than when I am in Belgium. I have true friends in Brazil, I have a way healthier lifestyle than in Belgium, I eat better, I am physically more active and I sleep better.

5 years ago I went to Brazil for the first time for a fight camp. I had not much money with me, I didn't speak much Portuguese, yet people treated me with a lot of respect and didn't try to rip me off.

Since then I've been going back and forth, planning to settle in Curitiba in late 2017.

Brazil is far from perfect, but so is Europe. I try to make the best from every situation.

I am definitely happy here in Brazil. It has not always been easy though. It took me much longer to get adapted here than I had expected and this was not the first country apart from my homeland where I had lived. Now I write about what it is like here for me and what can be tough also for other foreigners on my blog Living It Brazilian ( If you are interested, I guess you will get a pretty good idea of what makes me happy here but also the frustrating parts of living in Brazil and in São Paulo.

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