Heading to Samoa from NZ?!

Does anyone know someone in NZ going to Samoa soon?? I need to find someone going to Samoa in the near future and wouldn't mind delivering a parcel for me. Its too expensive sending in the post..

No one in their right mind would handle this for you.

Drugs, explosives or just slightly naughty contraband could leave the poor sod problems from facing something from very searching questions at customs to a very long time in prison.

You run a risk as Fred has pointed out. If anemone carries the parcel for you, gets asked by the Samoan customs 'did you pack this parcel and do you know it's contents" and the person says no then the parcel may be confiscated.

When I worked in Samoa we had to get articles sent by mail, and yes it is expensive, but at least it gets to you.

I got someone to take it over for me so it is algood.

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