German television in China


I am just gathering information about everything I'd need in China and I just found this page:

Any Germans here who already have experiences with this page? It looks good and I have read many positive comments about it.

I am living abroad for a long time and have a problem with Germn TV. It is hard to find good german television and my friends showed me . It is online german tv that can be seen in almost every corner of the world.

I'm a german too and I made some small experiences with "deutsches-fernsehen".

But currently I'm using a service called "YouTV". It's pretty similar.
I’m still in the 2 weeks free trial period and it seems to work really fine. Basically it's an online TV recorder for the German TV.
I’m recording the Tagesschau, Tatort, ZDF and some other good german series automatically. I can play them back afterwards with no effort on my devices. It's completely legal and works worldwide.

It's really not that easy to find a service to watch German TV abroad.


The most reliable and flexible way to watch is installing VPN on your phone in combination with official APP from DW, Prosieben...

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