Invest in Certificate and Current Account in DR/ Las Terrenas

Hi guys! As an expat looking to relocate in Las Terrenas soon, I would like to know if anyone of you that live in DR  invested in Certificate in local Banks. I red that interests given by Dominican Banks in CURRENT ACCOUNTS are quite higher than European Banks or also Asian Banks. Do you think that you can have a good return? I know that the problem can be the inflation and the exchange rate in case in the future the person want to transfer back the money in the original currency but in case a person decide to live there and  consider DR as home, this problem can have less importance.
Any comment about this matter is very appreciated . Thanks again

On a relative basis the rates of return are nice.  Yes you have currency risk. Yes you have inflation risk. If you are going to live here it is relative.

Planner, as always you are so Kind. Thanks! Do you have also some "numbers " to share (regarding the return rates)?
Thanks and wish you all a great weekend!

Sorry I do not.  It depends on the amount the  currency and the duration of the investment and of course which bank.

Got it ! Thanks a lot.

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