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Does anyone have any experience in a Renters Insurance Policy on the island?  I wasn't so concerned when I first moved here because I came with little, but after having been here a few years, I'd like to know my belongings are insured for worst case scenarios.  My Renters Insurance from the states (State Farm) won't cover Puerto Rico.  Thanks in advance for any advice.

I do not believe that renters insurance is very popular in PR., so you may have to wait to get an answer.

Try these guys

Not sure if this will help, but USAA covered our renter's insurance while we were stationed in PR.

Thanks for both of these replies! I'll check them out ;)

Banco Popular, Mapfre maybe

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I think Triple S offers tenant content coverage and liability for renters

Hello ! Since we moved here last year we have been trying to get renters insurance along with a few others. We ended up giving up because of the lack of response from the insurance brokers. This is until a few weeks ago when a friend refereed us to another broker and voila ! We have insurance. His name is Renier Mxxx and his number is xxx, he is great and really follow up with your issues. Good luck .

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