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good day sir,
    I have concern about my iqama 2 years contract will end next month november and i will not come back but my employer said that they extend another 2years of my iqama,i didn't know without my consent they extend more is it i really want to leave as long as my contract end.
    Thank you sir your reply was a great help to me..

Why you don't want to inform your employer?

i informed sir that i will leave as soon my contract end but they insist that i have to extend more months because of my iqama,why sir is there any problems securing our papers? when actually my contract finished why they cant release us..?i said to them to that it wasnt my fault anymore that my iqama was extended since they never asked permission.

No one can extend an Iqama for than a year....They're just playing around...Check on your abshir till when is your iqama validity...

Thank you sir i doubt also coz as far as i know iqama was yearly renewal..

Doesn't make sense.
Iqama can be extended based on contract duration.
Contract duration can't be extended because of Iqama validity.

so it means if the contract duration already finished is it legal to extend the iqama for another 2years?so it means the contract was useless now..

See it this way:
- Your contract is the master.
- The iqama has to be renewed for the duration of the contract years to make sure that you stay legal.
- NOT the other way round.
- On completion of contract - provided you have given notice for for 30 days - stop going to work and demand final exit visa. They HAVE to agree.
- If they tell you to carry on working just because Iqama is valid. Refuse!!!

thanks a lot sir it really helps,.i understand now..i really need to leave lots of problem here i didnt receive yet my 4 mos.salary.

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