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Am not pretty sure this the right thing to do in this forum but here I am,looking for a private audience. I am a bona fide citizen of my country Kenya...I have always had this soft spot for business.. I grew up in the rural part of my country but opportunity for my kind to get quality education has been difficult.. I am a bright n very flexible person.. My problem is that I come from man win man eat society..cartels get rich as we wallow in poverty.. I wanna make a difference...I always envy United kingdom as an embodiment of the greater civilization and prosperity that's the reason we flock grass thatched houses to watch the EPL...I wanna be out there with you guys get scholarship and get quality education, establish myself and help my poor fellas especially my mom that has exhausted her strength to make me earn my A..I love expat...if anybody is out here waiting for your's nice airing my views..

As a Brit living in Kenya, there are a lot of myths about life in Britain.  One of them is that it is an equal society where everyone is rich.  Its not the case at all.  British society is quite unequal in terms of rich and poor (haves and have nots) and people will make similar complaints about big corporations.  Britain being a developed country has much more money in the public purse, relatively low unemployment for example and low levels of corruption.  However, its an expensive place in which to live and people on low wages really struggle to manage and many are in debt.  There are an increasing number of people who have resorted to using food banks, for example.  The EPL will not give you any clue at all about life in the UK, except perhaps for the weather!

For those who are unemployed and in poverty, public services are much more comprehensive than in Kenya and the poor get a considerable amount of state support, which might include healthcare, help with housing, an allowance to live on and so on.  Nevertheless there is a sizeable number of homeless too, so in London its not unusual to see homeless people sitting within sight of designer shops and streets filled with high end cars and housing.

My wife is a Kikuyu who has lived in Kenya and the UK.  She constantly tells Kenyans who want to live in the UK, that as long as they have a job, they are better off staying in Kenya...........but that is just her 'take' on the situation. Most of the Kenyans that I know in the UK have struggled to get decent jobs.  Many are doing things like care work, shop assistant etc

Thanks for the insight. I have heard of the misconceptions too but my point is that am really looking for a scholarship.. without education my world is falling apart...Am keen on British colleges...I have tried my worst n best n am breaking... why is the world so unfair!!!!

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