Move to Naga city to make a business or find work

Hi this is Llorenç, I m from Calella, I m 32 years old, from Barcelona, we are my wife my little daughter age 1,5 years and our two dogs. We went last year to Naga City and around and loved the place, and we  re thinking on the idea of going to live there, but I allready emailed the Philippin Consulate here in Barcelona asking for information, and they answered explaining me that i could get a  special visa SIRV making a 75000 dollar business investment , or another Visa that Inshould be able to employ 10 Philippin people actually, and that is far away from my wallet and idea.

My idea is of creating a small  shop business selling sport shoes and clothes, boardshorts,caps a familiar business, running it o my own or with a Philippin partner.

Or making any type of little business, shop, or somelittle bar serving food and natural juices.

Or finding work in any business that allows me a my family to live there.

I can speak and write good english, spanish, portuguese and some german. I have the First Certificate in english and some experience in security, reception, shop assistant and I m a fitness technique and a personal trainer for the gym.

My wife doesn t speak english only spanish,  might she find any work there speaking spanish? Maybe in a call center? and we also have the dogs problem, they should come with us and the visas..

I would like to know if i have options of finding a work there maybe in call centers o r in any place i could get a good salary as i have read if you're lucky you may have possibilities..

And if I found an employment, and the business does my papers to get the permanent visa, my family also obtain the permanent visa??

With time and a job maybe I m able to get to know some good Philippin  person ther to make the business with him/her as a partner..

Thank you to anyone who can give me any type of help, because, I don t really know if wewill be lucky and able to try this maybe..

Someone allready explained me ican get a visa for 1 month, then ask for another visa for / more months, and then i can ask for maximum 1 year,but they explained me the government asks you for explanations of what you re doing there and actually they decide if u stay the whole year or not, and if they let you, before the year passes, i would have to get one day out from Philipinnes and return, is that right??

Thanks anyone who can help us again, anyone dedicating time to help someone is really nice always. 

Anyone knows if you buy a small property there do they give you the permanent resident visa??

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