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I'm willing to start a business in Service property Management in Hcmc.

I need some help regarding the vietnamese laws and contracts.

Contracts between Lanflord and the company.
Contracts between the tenants and the company.

What is the process for Housing foreigners permit and the costs ?

If you can highlight me within the creating business process, that will be great!

like should i start creating a company with a vietnamese partner ? ( which is not a problem ).

But what type of company here in vietnam ? and the costs of creating business also as the obtention of legal documents and allowances.

Thank you very much !


P.S: You can answer here or send me private message!

Hi Vincent,

Are you asking about property for RENT or for SALE?

Are you asking for yourself/your company/service or for your future Clients?

If you open 100% foreign-owned company, do expect service fee for law firm from 1,800 - 7,000 USD or more.
Time to process: weeks or months
(from my experience helping an American open a consulting company,
and talked with several foreign business owners)

P.S: I sent both here and private message.

Here are some statistics and information from The World Bank: … es/vietnam

Probably will not answer your questions, but there is interesting information that you can research.

Dude, you really need an attorney specializes in this sort of thing. xxx and get yourself an attorney and do things the right way.

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Hypothalamus :

Dude ...

No, HypoDude, it's a friendly forum now! The new guy asked a fair question, it's hard to start a business, give him a break!  ;)

I established import , export company  in HCMC Vietnam last year.

And when I was looking for my apartment I met Vietnamese property agent and her boyfriend who is lawyer ( Egyptian ) in HCMC.

If you haven't get answer yet I can introduce the consultant for your company establishment.
And maybe I can ask couple whether they can give some advice for your property law questions.

Taka Furukawa

Did you ebtalish your business? You can give me your email. I can exchange more about this.

Excuse me.
What is regarding ?

Would you like to share the details of consulting farm or lawyer .I want to start my own company in VN.

Good luck

You'll need it


In general, foreign investors making the investment in Vietnam are encouraged.  However, there are areas although not prohibited, but are “conditional” areas including the real estate business.
Therefore, only when investors manage to meet the conditions of the sector are they permitted to invest in the conditional business in Vietnam.

And there are 4 form enterprises established in Vietnam, including:
-    Single-member limited liability company
-    Multiple-member limited liability company
-    Joint- stock company
-      Partnership company

If investors decide to carry out your work in Vietnam using the legal form of a company, investors have to make sure to choose the most appropriate type of company. This choice is critical for the future of their business.

From: Business in Vietnam Tutorial. This tutorial cover almost legal issues you need to know when doing business in Vietnam

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