Need a dressmaker

Cou cou! I am needing someone to make a pattern and sew a garment for me! Can somebody please direct me to someone who will do a good job and not be crazy expensive?? I am in Paris 19 :-)

Thank you, Lara

Hi lara...

My father is great tailor and my mother is a great handmade of mattress where you have to put cotton inside...

Even when my dad was dead, I still keep the machine for me to repair my broken clothes , to decreasing size when i buy big clothes or just to make a bit repair when there's a little hole..

Now when I move to France, I miss a lot my machine, so I oblige use my creative hands sewing my clothes..

If I live in paris , maybe I want to help you, but I am sorry I live in south of France.

Good luck 😀

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