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Hi everyone I am Kaye, 27  years old currently a permanent resident in Vancouver Canada, I am originally from Philippines. I am a registered nurse in Philippines. I worked as an ER and ICU nurse in Saudi Arabia, and now currently in procedure of continuing my career here in Vancouver but I have to go on a certain procedure.

    My boyfriend lives in NL but we are planning to settle down soon. I do not speak dutch, I speak arabic and English pretty well.

   I would just like to know how is the process of becoming a nurse in NL?. Are there Internationally educated nurses in this forum that had/have completed the process?. If yes.. Can you help me or share your knowledge about it?. I know I have to take the language course and exam. Will be better if I continue my nursing assessment here in Canada before moving to NETHERLANDS?.


Nursing is a "Regulated Profession" in Holland; the NL Competent Authority that deals with this is called "Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport (Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport) - CIBG"; this link takes you to their website where you should be able to get more information.

Mrs C is a Dutch national and qualified as a nurse in Holland before we moved to the UK; despite having worked as a nurse for almost 20-years in the UK Health Service, she will not be able to work in Holland when we return, without further training back (so back to school), so I suspect there must be some sort of process for you to go through.

I would advise that you contact CIBG and see if they recognise your original qualification; if not, ask what you need to do to get qualified; might save you a whole lot of time and money.

You will almost certainly need to learn Dutch (spoken and written) to a high standard to get a job in nursing in Holland (would you employ a Dutch nurse in the Phillipines who can't speak the language, or write up patient notes in the local language?).

I wish you the best of luck. :)

HI Cynic,

     Thank you for replying, and yes I am well aware of the language course and exam. Currently enrolled at UBC, for the Dutch language course. Yes I will check the site that you gave. Thank you so much at least I have an information about it, just want to know it (at least somehow know it) before I move in NL.

Thank you and Good day. :)

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