dj party in jeddah .... only for women... sorry guys 😜

hello  :) my Ladies ;)

how are you... feeling boring on this hot weather ha??? I ll be happy to invite any girl how is living in jeddah and love to have fun in my dj party.. I ll hold it in my home this Friday ... and  there's like 30 girls ll be there .. and I want to invite new girls to have fun... I'm honest  about what I'm saying so hope u ll be to ... and not playing around... just if u want to come and it's just for girls hhhh..... pls contact me ..

Nice first post....good luck with that.

Have Fun

Best of luck with that.

Every boys sound jealous 😀

only girls  :sosad:  :sosad:  :sosad:

From khobar ... Bahrain is a short drive 😂😂😂

Not being jelous 😀

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