Girlfriend experience in dominican republic

Troll a$$ !  :rolleyes: His location is a city in Ukraine, nevermind New York.

He just wasted our time. There is a proverb saying: A fool throws a stone in the well and it takes a hundred wise men try to get it out.

Slavic12 :

In bed she is the best so far,

I was trying to think of a suitable comment to that crap but I can't.
I'm amazed anyone serious could post it, so I'm inclined to think it's a troll job and act accordingly.

Unbelievable, you say the bar owner is heartless, you are the one who is heartless, (I will take it from her pay) really.
Troll and a moron.

This thread is causing issues, ones I easily see getting worse as the thread goes on.
Looking back at the posts from the OP, the more I think it has to be a troll with the reasoning no one could really be so crazy as to post that rubbish and be serious.
That in mind he's been issued with a temporary ban with the recommendation it become permanent.

Hi everybody,

The initiator has been banned.
We are therefore closing this topic.

Thank you,


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