Skilled migrant new rules

Hi All,

Recently there has been announcement for taking EOI with 160 points instead of 140 earlier and this would be effective from 12th Oct 2016. … me-changes

I wanted to clear some confusion on bonus points 
Can I claim bonus points for skilled employment in an identified future growth area (10 points) and area of absolute shortage skills (10 points), so 20 points in all, at the same time?
as well as claiming work experience in area of absolute skill shortage (15 points) and identified future growth area (15 points), so 30 points in total at the same time as mentioned here … eck-guide/

Please guide me, if someone has already claimed it or come across this situation?

Rohit Sharma

Hi Rohit,

For claiming points in future growth area you need to have a job offer from a nz employer.


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