Fiance Visa got denied- Anyone got the same experience?

Hi everyone. Even though I'm new here, I have been reading a lot in this forum. And this forum is really helpful. :)  Anyway, I just have to ask,

Does anyone here got their visa denied due to "last year income requirement is not met" ? How did you guys wrote a stronger appeal? and did UDI reverse their decision?

My fiance worked outside Norway until first quarter last year. He immediately got a job when he moved back.  So during his last year's income tax, the only income that was recorded was the job he earned when he moved back to NO. It's sooooo little difference until he could meet the last year income requirement tho. :(

Will they consider the appeal if we also include in the appeal letter the tax assessment he had when he worked outside NO? The thing is when we applied, they didn't say that we should include this, but I guess it's something they normally say without checking our case.. :/

Hi FinBella,

First sorry to hear that you fiance visa is denied.

I am not sure how my answer would find you. But my girlfriend has almost the same situation like your boyfriend.

My gf worked in the Philippines for almost 2 years. and her income didn't recorded in the tax assessment in Norway.

So before i handed in my application (fiance visa) My gf contacted with Tax department in Norway and brought the documents such tax assessment from the Philippines (not sure what else , your bf can contact the tax department there in Norway for details)

Then we waited for like 3 months before the tax department released the tax assessment to show income of last year that my gf earned abroad and i used that to be proved of income of my gf from last year.

When did you apply for this finace visa? and when did you get rejected?

I have applied my fiance visa on 20th September and it has forwarded to UDI in Norway on 27th sept. It might be becoz im Thai citizen who works/lives in Philippines that why they forwarded to Norway. I'm still waiting for my result.

I hope this answer can find you well.


I think what you can do is gather all the proof of income and tax settlement in the last year (both in and out of Norway), then incude all of these in your appeal.

And when you write the letter probably it would be better if you mention the sum of his income that he meets the requirements.

Hi God dag Alle sammem,
Just curious about my family application in UDI,Maybe any one here having any idea about this situation ,I am an Aupair for 1 year and 9 months(1/2015-9/2016),Me and my husband got married last January 2016 in Philippines ,We both go back to Norway and continue being an Aupair,I applied family reunification last week of May,And the last week of September I received a letter from UDI that they need my Marriage license from Philippine Statistic Office or NSO,So I send it to them via post,From that month and the October ,I recieved email from UDI and stated that my application is still waiting to be process ,I'm now waiting in Norway and can't do anything but waiting for my application and wondering if everything will gonna be OK!..Hmm sucks!

Hi Luci,

Usually after 3-4 months you will received the answer (approve or not)..     good luck for your application...😁😊

How did you know you got denied ? Email ? And how many weeks did you wait for that . Tak 🤗

It is frustrating to not be able to do anything while waiting, I waited 11 months for mine. Hopefully your might not take as long as mine. Best of luck.

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