Any member from Riyadh, owns BMW 750i (2009,2010,2011,2012)

ANYONE from Riyadh can guide where are the good workshops for German cars other than damned agencies (wakalaa), will be a big help.

I know a good workshop, i recommend it for you, they are working in many types of cars, german and others, i am doing work there since 2012 till now, i don't know how to share the location here ..

Above the coordinates for the location

thanks buddy (M.Seddik). any special person shall I see (your reference would be helpful), or just go there know here WAASTAAA matters.

Dear M. Seddik
just by the way what car you have, any German range or ? planning to buy 1 of famous three brands (BMW 750i, MERCEDEZ BENZ S550, LEXUS LS460) not new models but from 2009 to 2013 ranges. thought to check with you, might give me any advice.
Thanks and regards

I am have Ford Explorer 2015 :) and still I did not make maintenance outside the agency, but before I went there many times with my old car and with my friends, I used to see there German cars Mercedes S or BMW and Volkswagen, I trust this workshop, you can go there and ask about (Mohamed Udima) He is Syrian.
Feel free to contact me any time


Lexus would be a good option for you, as the maintenance is not very expensive and the parts are easily available.

thanks. in Riyadh anyone knows any used car showrooms, local cars or American imported where I can find Lexus LS 460 2010-2012.......

On Al-Khurais road opposite to Hyperpanda, there are many showrooms for new as well as old cars. Other than that you can find such showrooms in Al-Shifa ( in Ma'arez)

Thanks buddy.

Order the parts online.

Download the workshop manual and the software SDD etc.

Take it to any local garage and show the guy what you want fixed.

Generally if the place is full of filipino mechanics they know and can understand what you want done.

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