Moving furniture to Malta from UK

Moving my furniture to Malta – the good, bad and the ugly
The good
I asked a variety of firms to quote (from a number of sources including the internet, forums). All asked me for various details and prepared a quote. Doree Bonner impressed me because they were the only firm prepared to come and examine what I wanted to take and I felt that the other firm’s estimates were just that – estimates. Doree Bonner was the only firm I had real confidence in their estimate (not the cheapest or the most expensive). Andrew was very patient on the phone and answered all my queries. The only thing I would say to anyone is the more information you give the better. I went for the full service including packing and unpacking.
I was persuaded into taking insurance (more expense) but in the end I was glad I did so as I had to claim for a damaged wall unit. For once the insurance company given to me by Doree Bonner was truly excellent and it was easy to agree a settlement.
It was easy to agree a pick up date in the UK and the removers on the UK side were truly excellent – a 5* service.
The bad
Not Doree Bonners fault but the estimates exclude VAT (20%) and the cost of any insurance you take (3% of furniture value). This bumps up the final charges considerably from the initial estimate. I paid approximately £3,500 for about half a container.
The Maltese side of the removal were not very efficient or accommodating (more later). I had made it clear (in writing) that any parking permits were to be included as a part of the move but this information wasn’t passed on (or they ignored it). As my move was running late, I ended up getting the parking permit otherwise there would have been more delay.
The ugly
I don’t know how many times I emailed and asked for confirmation that my furniture would be delivered the second week of September (which was agreed and stated on documentation). The furniture did arrive in Malta in the second week but to allow customs (plus a bank holiday), it was finally delivered the Monday of the third week. Luckily I am prepared for things to go wrong so I’d allowed some contingency. That said, I remain distinctly unimpressed. There is usually about a 6 week gap between pickup and delivery and I would recommend anyone allow an additional 2/3 week contingency on top (I allowed 1 week).
The Maltese removal company Zammit could best be described as adequate. They did come on time and they unpacked the major furniture items but:
1.    They didn’t put all my furniture together. This was left to my friend and goto guy Tony
2.    They didn’t want to unpack anything. When they had finally dumped the last case, they wanted me to sign everything off and leave. It was only when I refused as I had no proof my expensive hifi had arrived that they started to unpack cases.
3.    When I finally found all my hifi, two cases of glasses were still left unpacked. My husband George and Tony kept saying that this wasn’t a problem so in the end | gave in and did this myself. Left to myself I wouldn’t have. Guess what, I paid for unpacking and I really didn’t care that they had another job to do afterwards.
My overall conclusion is that I would use Doree Bonner

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