Few questions as we start our process in deciding the best location

Husband, myself and our 4 year old are looking to move to Central America, Belize seems to be the best due to proximity to US and overall economy. I have a few questions as we start our process in deciding the best location and the process:
1.  Best Location if we have a child
2.  Best location near good Medical care
3. I am able to Telecommute and work my current job in the US which is a good salary.  I am an FNP but work online for the Department of Veterans Affairs.
4.  Are there any jobs for FNP's if I did decide to open a clinic or work in a clinic.
5.  Are there any teaching jobs for my husband. He is currently a teacher and football coach.

My parents and aunt plan to join us they will be retired so we would want to buy a house with enough space for all of us near the beach. 

Any information is appreciated, we are just wanting to move and really enjoy our life and be  a closer family.

It is very unlikely that you would be able to get a paid  job in Belize due to their strict rules that all jobs rae offered to Belize citizens first and there are some sectors that Expats are not allowed to take. It is a pity really tat there is not a more open door to expats in the medical field.
Medical cover in Belize is at a very Basic level in the Government hospitals, good for things like accidents and  Maternity  care but  there are only two fully serviced Hospitals in Belmopan and Belize City with smaller clinics which are in the other larger towns. There are a couple of well respected Expat run Clinics in Belize city  and some well respected surgeons in Orange walk. Most expats if they need treatment for chronic conditions tend to go into Mexico for that.
If you were to get employment in the nursing profession it would be very poorly paid as a highly qualified nurse is unlikely to be getting paid more than 10 Belize dollars an hour.  I think by reading your post you were not looking for high paying work more working for the people of  Belize, there may be some chance of getting Voluntary work with some of the charities in Belize. You still actually need a work permit even for voluntary work, but an established charity can help get those in some cases.

Thank you for that information seems like this is an issue most places.  I have a good telecommute job that pays well, but I don't want to do it until retirement if i don't have to.  My husband speaks spanish and english but since english is the language probably no chance he can get a job teaching!! 
While I would love to just volunteer I do have to maintain some kind of job either my US job or something local to pay the bills until we retire, but that is a ways off we are only in late 30's. 
Our 4 year old has come behavior issues and I believe the fast pace life causes him stress and he feel it form us maybe.  When we travel to central american countries on vacation he is so well behaved and peaceful. 
Just trying to keep sane and have less stress and more quality family time and that is just no happening where we are.

I can't speak about the medical stuff, but we are here with our 14, 4, and 2 yo's. Our 18 yo is in the US. My 4 yo is super high energy. A beautiful, loving cuddlebug to be sure, but he is also 900 miles a minute. This is a way better place for him without question. We are in Monkey River Town and love how quiet and safe it is, but it is also really remote. I have been coming to belize off and on since 96. Living here only for 1.5 years, but a lot of experiences all around the country. I feel most safe in southern Belize. A lot of it is about your preferences, though. Mountains, islands, beaches. It's all here. You can choose what you like best. Teaching jobs are not out of the question, especially if you're bilingual. PM me. I may be able to connect you with someone.

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Teachers make about $1,000 a month in Belize and there are computers and most all upper level schools and some grade schools Medicare is pretty rudimentary you go to Mexico or the us or Canada for triple bypass brain surgery stuff like that the best place to get information for expats is to walk into the US Embassy in belmopan and talk to them many of the US staffers there will have children that they have in schools and they be able to tell you what schools are better

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