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I am looking for anyone who is selling their property.

Usury is very common in the U.K and it is haram and strictly forbidden in Islam, however, i cannot afford to buy a home all at once, it has been made almost impossible for people to do without committing sin.

I am married to a Moroccan and we decided it may be better to live in Morocco because of this.

Are there any people here who knows of anyone willing to sell their property (it can be located anywhere in Morocco) for a lump sum cash amount followed by a monthly payments but without interest?

To be more clear, we are looking for a halal mortgage.

Feel free to reply me here or on a private message.

Thanks in advance,


Check for halal loans from UK banks. I believe some do them now

Thanks for the reply Fred but i have done the research and there seems to be a lot of hidden clauses within the contracts and agreements the individual has to take for many of the places offering "halal Mortgages".

We really would like our own home, no hidden fees, no dodgy contracts, no partial ownership.

I fully understand that.
Good luck with your search.

Thank you :)

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