Business Registration & Business Resident Permit

Hello everyone,

I am planning to move to  Malawi  next year. I am currently based in  the UK. Please could you provide answers to these questions.?

1. For my limited company registration, how much should be on  the share capital amount for business registration?  ( I am required to  invest US$50,000, to get  investment certificate and business resident permit.) I was considering  100,000 Kwacha for share capital or less. Does this figure matter for  the resident permit.

2. Can I register both  Limited company by shares  together with  Limited company by guarantee, under same business resident permit. I  want to operate a charity and a company side-by-side.?

3. Do I need to  be in Malawi to register the business. I  am not sure if I can pay the  required fees in  outside of  Malawi.?

4. How is the  business  consulting landscape for multidisciplinary person coming to Malawi.?

5. Do I need to deposit any part of the $50,000 before the resident permit is approved?

Thanks for your  help.

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