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I am a Greek woman planning to marry a Punjabi man who still lives in Punjab.We have many practical problems that we try solve in order to come. He has a goverment job (multitasking stuff) there.
We want that he comes here to marry but so many practical difficulties! He is not rich so I worry if Embassy will give him tourist viza. One option is that he comes as tourist, we marry, then he changes his viza to husband viz(Do you know if this can be done without him having to go back to india?)
If they dont give him tourist viza(do they usually give?)then option of me go there marry not much possible because of his family opposition.
So third solution is work viza. Are there any employers or companies in Greece, Indian or not, that could sponsor his viza? That can offer him job?anyone here that has job opening(sponsoring viza or not) for a 27 year old Punjabi man(8th grade pass)who now works as multitasking stuff doing mostly office type tasks(photocopy etc) in tax department and also has 4-5 months experience in alluminum doors and windows? He speaks Hindi, Punjabi and medium level English.
Answers to any of these questions are highly appreciated.

Hi,well its best if you go into a Greek embassy or into a Greek consulate office where you are,there are lawyers who specialise in this here in Athens but they charge a fair bit.You can find information on line as well,but face to face with an official person is best,if you are in Greece yourself so much the better.Best to marry here by far I would advise you.Look at posts from an American man wanting to marry a Greek lady living on Crete,he had to do similar to what you will have to do.I dont think Greece is too difficult about bringing in a non European spouse or marrying one here,unlike the UK,dont give up,do what the officials say and you should be fine,best wishes.You could always PM Abmeggett.

Thank you very muchmdear friend for taking the time to send some input!I will look at laywer option too.I don't have much money either but let me ask a friend that is lawyer...

I have difficulty finding the post you say ...

Hello,PM=private message,just in case he doesnt see your posting at the present time,its not the Womens Monthly Affliction,sorry couldnt resist saying that..ha..And we would like to know how you get on with all this,keep us updated please and if you are in Athens we could all meet for a coffee and discuss the trials and tribulations.

I have little difficulty using the site.I do from phone and I can' t find the post you say where yiu talk about page 2 etc.Yes, i will let you know when we manage!! All seem so difficult now.But if God wills, all will go well despitw the maaaaany difficulties that make it almost impossible. Americans I think are more easily given viza, due to their strong financial status, than Indians. May all go well...Thanks for yout interest!

Dear Eirni,
You can do an invitation for him at your local police ststion, this way he can apply for a visit visa and when he is here you get married and directly change the visa to a family member visa.  . Keep in mind the first visa he will take as family member doesn't allow him to work,  it's a temporary one until the five year visa comes out.
, it might take 6 months or more.  Hope this helps.

Thank you so much! Do you know please if this change of viza can be made in Greece? Or he needs go back to India...?

In greece and usually its easy to do. Just make sure you have all the papers for the wedding! And good luck

You gave me so good news!! I didnt think itcwas possible to change in Greece!! I didnt even know we have Greek Embassy  in Athens.I thought only in other countries there is. Any idea where it is? Sorry if I tire you and thank you SO much!

You change the visa at immigration office not embassy

If you dont go to a lawyer or the consulate in Athens you will just go round and round in circles hearing different advice from different people,all this process is not going into a shop and changing over different caramela,its a very serious drawn out thing which takes time and much patience,its not an entry ticket to a museum so legal advice must be sort.

Concertina, thank you very much for the advice but I do not have the money for a lawyer. I have e mailem Greek Embassy in N.Delhi some times but they can give answers up to a point. I myself have lived in the States for 4 years under student viza and under  work viza.Never had to hire a lawyer for that...In India they have agents for this job but they charge 6.000e to find him job in other country and make papers. Not possible. I barely make my loving expenses.I cannot afford a lawyrr even if this would be ideal...

I will visit his embassy and immigration office.Thanks for the input!

You can go to your nearest KEP office wherever you live,its a citizen advice office,all over Greece,they issue paper work,all sorts of things,I have had papers issued for my mechanic when I built a house here,official papers,often a faster cheaper route than the council,sometimes they issue papers immediately.They will tell you officially what you need to do,they obviously know the law as its a government office,and I believe the advice is free with nominal money for the issue of papers.Look on line for your nearest office.And surely its the Greek officialdom that will tell you what is needed to bring in your boyfriend-intended husband.

I just wanted to pass on, it is not as hard as you think. I am working with the Greek Embassy in London and just submitted my Visa application under the category for a person approve as an financially independent person. I just have to get my medical certificates and a police report done in the UK for the last six months and make an appointment with them to process the application. Working with the embassy is the way I would go.  Please let me know if you need any additional information. it as been a long road for me to get to this point.

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