Midwife has better offer from another employer. Can I join them?

Hello everyone

My name is elaine and i have just moved to abu dhabi from ireland to work as a midwife. I have signed a contract but and have started to work but my work visa /emirates id is still being processed as the hospital was short staffed and needed me out beore it could all get sorted.

I was led to believe i would be working four 12hour shifts in a week and would be working in abu dhabi city where me and my friend have organised accomodation together.

A week before i was to come out i was informed i would   be in a different region that is linked to the hospital which is 40minutes away. When i arrived i was also only informed my work is 6 days a week 9-5 with only one day off and i would also be required to work on call.

I could potentially be asked to a new position but am not sure what would happen with my current hospital as they had paid for my flights out here and are applying for my work visa.

Sorry for the lenghty message but my potential new offer is offering more money, its close to my apartment and better work schedule

Hopefully someone can advise!


I am awaiting my HAAD license to be completed and will be moving to Abu Dhabi in the new year.
My employer has forwarded a contract for me to sign which also states 48hours per week which will be 4 long days per week.
If that is what you understood to be your working hours also they shouldn't really expect you to do 6 days per week. Because what is the point of moving to a beautiful new place and never ever having time off to explore.
If I was in your shoes I would say you are not prepared to accept the 6 days and on call, and you will be looking for employment elsewhere. Or alternatively start to look somewhere else.
What did it say in your contract?
And which hospital are you working at?
Angie X x

Hey angie! Sorry for the late reply! Great that you are coming over!it takes a verrrrryyy long tine for the paper work etc to be processed over here but what a great way to start the new year!my contract too says 48hours...but i was led to believe i too would be 4 long days a wasnt until i got here that they said i was in a "sister' hospital 30mins away from the city and would be doing 6 days and be on call so i was definatly caught off gaurd..and a bit over whelmed...a month has passed and im still not settling in...hard too vecause im the only western in the hospital so thats isolating. It says in my contract i have 3 months probabtion so i can get out of the contract more easily...i have been offered a new job in a new hospital for better money and it would be a four day week...what i prefer...i just hope they wont make things awkward for me if i want to move! The new hospital is called nation. Where are u moving to?
Elaine x

Hi Elaine.
A similar thing happened to my friend and she told them where to stick it!! She has lots of experience in the UAE as has lived there on and off for many years.
So where is the new hospital that you've been offered a contract at?
I'm going to work in oasis hospital in al ain. They have told me its 4 long days per week. If it isn't I won't be staying that's for sure.
Yes you have 3 months probation so you can get out if it.
Remember Elaine its your life and you need to be happy. Be strong and stick up for yourself. I should be moving over in the new year once all my stuff is sorted. So if your still there which I'm sure you will be. Wel catch up.
Stay in touch
Angie X X x

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