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Hi, my name is Danica and I am 27 years old. my husband and I are both from New Zealand but have been living in Australia for the past 10 years. He has just started a job in Johor Bahru and I will be moving over at the end of the year to live. I would love to meet other expats and locals.

Welcome to Johor,I am an Indian working in johor.

Did you find it easy to find work? I will be on dependant visa and my husband is working but id like to work if i can there

Hi Dianca, I m local Johorean.
I can help you out on any enquiries.
I also own a japanese martial art center that has people from all walk of life and works.

Wonderful. Im not sure how big johor is but would love to meet some locals and othr expats in the area. I would lovr any info on local markets, events. Do they have meditation classes in johor?

There is not much meditation classes in Johor, but plenty of Yoga classes. Do you have any Facebook account?  Which part of Johor do you stay? I can direct you to the expat in Johor.

Yes i am on facebook. Um... will be living in straits condominium next door to the golf course?? I move over at the the end of the year. Oh yoga will be amazing ill be booking myself in for that definitely. Facebook - *

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Cool, I will add you in my list. We can chat there.

Hi Danica,

I am actually trying to learn more about Johor. Do you mind sharing any thoughts about how it is moving there?


Where are you moving over from?
Johor is a big adjustment I'll put it that way. It's a very old city bit depends where you are coming from. I have moved over from Australia. So day to day activities are not to simple. You can't really walk to ships from home. The roads are pretty crazy. Things are very slow. Because I'm very health conscious I find eating out in johor almost impossible. I've found 2 cafes near town that serve fresh REAL food but otherwise it's a little hard. There are quite alot of expats here. Also depending on where in johor you're moving to. The locals know enough English to get by. Uber is easy to use so getting around is fairly easy. But all in all... it depends where you're coming from and what kind of lifestyle you live as to how you will find it here.

Hi Danica,

I am coming from the Philippines, but I got used to the lifestyle in Singapore (worked there for 5 years). So I guess that is not too bad? How about activities? I do hope it is going to be a smooth move if ever... :)

Thanks for all the tips :)


Living in Johor has no similarities to living in Singapore - apart from the climate :-))

Ohhh... but  I'm wondering how the activities are? Like gym/fitness? Are there any hawker centres?
I believe should be cheaper than Singapore?

Depends on what activities... I don't think there's much. There are many yoga classes around if you're into that. Few bars here and there but they're old and in random spots. The food is cheap when eating at the markets but it won't be clean like in Singapore. We are living here because my husbands work is based here... but it's not a place I'd recommend to move to if you don't have to.

I guess that is as Danica says, it depends on where you come from. I had the chance to live in Singapore or Johor, and I chose Johor. SG is cool, fancy and everything is clean and beautiful, but  is extremely expensive and you need to pay to get a smile (what happens with people there?).
Johor has many things to improve, but is developing super fast, becoming very modern, life is cheap and you can find anything you need. Compared to where we were before, a much better place.

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