Expectation of local custom at PNG airport

I have almost read all the relevant information shared, however, i still have some question remain unknown. For a lady working in office:

1) What item that we should bring over, necessity checklist, or do the store/market do sell everything? I been to Timor Leste, and there are many thing that i need to bring over, due to limited supply, no importation of such item, like thermos, women pad and etc.

2) Other than Malaria, is there any illness / medication that we should aware or medicine to be brought over for common sicknesses?

3) For the airport clearance, will i face some issue with the airport, whereby, they will restrict medication from entering their country? Any restriction for this case? That they will conceal / goods being taken away as bribery/ own consumption? Anything that not allowed to bring in?

Any sharing? About your experience?

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