An active Expat, wintering in the Dalian area

I began my travels in China as an International exploration geologist in 1993, when the gold sector briefly opened to foreign investment. The experiences in the Southwest and at an operating gold mine in Shandong at that time remain unforgettable, as was the office life in Beijing. I recently "retired" from jobs at the Toronto Venture Exchange and the British Columbia Provincial Securities Regulator.

With my wife Jing, we start living at Kaifaqu (1/2 hr. east of Dalian on rapid transit) on Oct 25, 2016. Our Chinese parents are elderly an it is a proper time to repay debts of gratitude. I've attained beginner level Mandarin and am progressing in my studies. We maintain an active lifestyle, and I occasionally help teach at a family run English School. Through my wife there is a large network of Chinese family and friends, and I would also like to share life in China with a few new expat connections.

We love walks and hikes in any season; an example of one of our family hikes can be found at:

We enjoy simple local dining, cultural and musical events, and occasional pub sessions. Bu shang gambei moutai.

Ian and Jing

Hi Ian,

You have an interesting background in CHina.  I'm also living in Kai Fa Qu! Been here for about half a year.

My job brought me here about 6 months ago after finishing graduate school in London.  In 2011, I was in Beijing studying and working for a former government official.  My first time in China was in 2008, studying development in Yunnan province.  My background is generally in international economics, policy, and business  (

Generally, it's really amazing to be here right now.  I've never been so fascinated by this place as I am now.

Anyway - It'd be interesting to hear more from an "old China hand".


Today, with good Chinese friends, we saw "The Great Wall" at Wanda Plaza (fantasy action, quite captivating and entertaining), and gorged at the 68 RMB steak buffet at second floor. I have a card on the Green Way bike rentals, which I use frequently. Another favorite is Cafe Bene, near Bank of China Tower.

My Wechat ID is:      IanMcC_2013
It would be nice to connect.

Harbinger Asia must be exciting and challenging. There is some overlap with my interest in mineral exploration and development, its financing, promotion, and the applicable international regulations and their application. I expect that not so much regulation has been implemented and enforced in China in this regard, but its dangerous to make assumptions about China, it can be so surprising, dui ba?

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