Looking for western size shoes

Looking for western size shoes wing tip styles. Where? Thanks.

Hello, I know a place near Ben Thanh market, at Luu Van Lang street ( this is a tiny road, at the exit of one of the 4 gates from Ben thanh Market). They sell shoes of Western size. I used to be able to find shoes of size 43, price less than 1 million vnd. Maybe you can have a look.

Thank you very much, I'll check it out.

One problem you may encounter when buying off the rack or even custom is that the shoes are built on an Asian last.  People with European genes tend to have a much higher arch and instep, basically the top of the foot above the arch.  The arch is not critical but the instep can be.  It may be that the length and even width are OK but the shoes may still feel tight over the top.

Thank you gumballin, I finally found some nice wing tip shoes at the store you recommended.
38 Luu Van Lanng District 1 near Ben Thanh Market. They have a wide variety of shoes that I cannot find elsewhere. I will return there for a nice pair of hiking boots next month. Prices are very reasonable compared to everywhere else I had been. Thanks again!!

do they have double monks there?

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