Offer in abu Dhabi- 35,000 good salary?

Hello all,

i have an interview in dubai where i did the initial screening with recruiter and will me meeting the manager on skype next week.
I currently make $145,000 in USA for a Program Manager role. however he recruiter mentioned an all inclusive salary of 35,000 plus kids education paid in full as well as health insurance.
The housing allowance is not extra it is part of the 35,000 AED/ To me this looks less but i am  moving forward considering this is not a final offer yet so i should proceed through the interview steps for now.
Is this  a  good salary as i will be moving with husband and 2 kids.?

Also curious to learn how significant is bs degree as i started working in states during college and than proceeded with professional education instead of college. They haven't said anything yet but if the job asks for BA degree will they consider equivalent experience like in USA?

Dear Madame,

you need to certify your certificates officially ( in Ministry of education then Ministry of foreign affair then U.A.E embassy all in USA) before you travel because they will ask you for this.
35,000 it is not Bad as starting if you want to settle in U.A.E , but you can have better in the future as you can move to other companies as well after some time.
Good Luck

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