Best place to live for a family in Toronto

Hi. We are a British family, moving to Toronto for partner's job. We have 4 young children and are trying to decide between suburbs or city. If anyone could offer me a bit more info on schools, nice areas etc or if anyone has moved their children in to schools there too and can tell me how you found things, then it would be great to hear from you. Thanks.

I can tell you for certain that Canada is a safe place to live and to raise a family. I love it here in the GTA and have raised my family in the suburbs just outside of the city in a house with lots of green around and good schools.
Warm Regards,
Elly De Winne

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Hi Anne,

I moved from Dubai to Canada few years back and we live in Mississauga City which is part of the Greater Toronto Area.  Excellent Town with lowest crime for families with good schools, Hospitals, Shopping and Entertainment facilities. The population is almost 700,000.

A lot depends on your partner's job location therefore, if you want more transit specific suggestion, you may please contact me

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