female friend MILAN :)

Hi everyone.
I moved to Milan recently and as meeting boys is quite easy in here I really miss doing girly stuff, shopping, gossips, coffee and so so on
So if you feel like hanging out just let me know!**

I dont speak any Italian yet. So rather would prefer English speaker, or Polish :)

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Hey Laura, I am sure you can make Italian female friends, however finding someone with English would be hard. Why don't you offer yourself for a language exchange with a female Italian? E sempre piu facile imparare in questo modo e fare amiche. Ciao

Hey Laura, how are you doing? I totally know what you mean! I've been here a while now but my 2 sisters recently left Milan while I've stayed on, so I am missing a lot of that girly stuff too! Shall we meet for a coffee or a drink sometime??

Hi Laura, and Catherine too!
I'm Italian and I speak English, and in Milan :) if you're still looking for someone, I'd be up for coffee, shopping or something else if you want!

Sounds good! I am actually heading back to New Zealand soon for Christmas, and I get back to Milan on the 7th of Jan. Could we all get together for a coffee or drink after that? I'll write to you again closer to the time as I know that's a long time away! Time flies though right?? Hope you are both well :)

Hey girls.
I am fresh in this group but I came for the reason that you made post about.
I have been living in Italy for 2,5 years, but this summer I went to USA for 5 months, now I am back again but I moved to Milan because of the <3. I used to study and live in Lecco that is 40min far from Milan, so I know Milan since I was often here but I left all my friends there. I miss chats, drinking and relaxing moments with friends.
Fell free write me private msg and we can exchange contacts and meet and do all girl stuff. :)

Ciao a presto

That'd be ok with me :)

Hey girls!I'm new in Milan and would love to join you!

You are more than welcome. :)

Hey girls!are there any meetings coming? :)

Give me ur number

hi i am amir james from karachi pakistan


I am visiting milan after few days for a week. Are you still interested to make new friends?

HI I am visiting milan for a few days in two weekend
Wondeeed if u wanted to hang out ?

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Hello everyone,

Please keep in mind this topic is for a FEMALE looking for FEMALE friends

Guys, you need not respond here.  Also posting your contact information is prohibited.  Expat.com is not a dating site, don't risk losing your account here by making a bad decision!

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Hi girls! I have just moved to Milan for the year with my boyfriend. Really struggling to learn Italian and find a job.. so a break from all the stress would be great. Let me know if your still around so I can join for a drink 😊

Welcome to the Forum Kspears :)

You might wish to start a new thread and introduce yourself, what are your interests and what work you are qualified in?

In the meanwhile, you might wish to have a look at www.thelocal.at It covers Italian news in English and has a job section for English speakers.

Good Luck

Expat.com Expert Team

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