Larnaca - budget hotel required close to the airport

I am travelling from Nicosia on Sunday 16th October to Larnaca en route to the airport for an international flight on Monday.

I need to find a reasonably-priced hotel after getting off the intercity bus at Finikoudes - ideally one which is not too far from the airport and easy to get there.

Are there shuttle buses to the airport? Boarding point? Price?

Any advice or hints would be much appreciated!


For a single night, any two-stars hotel not far from the coast would probably do. points to Cactus Hotel (not far from the airport) and Elysso Hotel (which I stayed at a few months ago and is nice) as popular choices. From memory, to/from the airport I took the bus line 425 whose route is along the coast, starting from the airport and all the way to Dekelia, and running from around 06:00 to 23:00 (price: can't remember, but cheap). For more information, local bus lines to the airport are listed on
And this page will display where the bus stops are for a given line:

As an alternative, there is a Kapnos shuttle from Nicosia to Larnaca Airport at almost every hour of the day (googling "Kapnos airport shuttle station" will point to the correct location in Google Map). Likely to be cheaper than Intercity   Hotel.

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