Teaching English/French in Sai Gon


I am Emilie, a French- Finnish woman, currently finishing my master in Sustainable Urban Development in HCMC. I would like to work as a teacher in schools or giving private lessons. I would also be interested in doing translation work.

I have no diploma in teaching but I have been teaching in the past for an NGO in Finnish high schools and have also given private lessons in HCMC. My master is also taught in English.

My schedule is really flexible at the moment so it would not be a problem to arrange a time.



Hello and welcome to Emilie

To increase your chances to find a vacancy, I invite you to drop an advert here :

> Teaching job offers in Ho Chi Minh City


Thanks for the answer :)

where are you live now ? i wanna join to learn.

Bonjour Emilie.

I am Huu from Binh thnh
Learning french

I would like to seek a french teacher to find more knowledges in french. How I can contact to you to know more details. xxx

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No problem we can arrange a meeting :)


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Hi there,my name is Henry..iam living in NhaTrang city(500km from Hochiminh),i have a hostel in,my wife want to open a private class in my place..(my wife is english teacher)..she need someone help to teach..and will share the income.
If you interested let come to nhatrang 2 days to take a look.
My place have a lot of dont worry about the accommodation.
Henry(husband of Mrs.Tam)
You can visit my place on google search:papa village nhatrang


Sorry I live in Sai Gon and I'd like to stay here for now at least.
I hope you will find someone to help you :)


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could you send me your CV and your phone number
We will contact you ASAP
VAS school
thanks in advance

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