Log burning stove flue installation in Brittany

We are lucky enough to own a house near Ploneour Lanvern in Britanny. We bought a lovely log burning stove over from the UK 4 years ago and since then it's sat in our living room. My French is embarrassingly poor so I've struggled to speak to people in the local shops who sell stoves and flues. What I'm looking for is someone who may be able to install this stove. I'd ideally like to put a flue up through the ceiling and have it continue up as high as possible in the house, through the bedroom above to keep the heat in the house and then out the wall and up to the highest height of the roof. Can anyone recommend an English speaking person who understands the rules here in France that could help us here? Is it better to buy the flue in the UK and bring it across? Apologies if this isn't the right place for the posting, but any help great fully received!

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