anyone had problems with windows 10

anyone had problems with windows 10

You meant problems with Windows 10 "Anniversaray" update  that has been sent to all PCs recently?
I postponned it for a few days and one morning, the update auto-started and I have to wait 1H40 to complete on a relatively good notebook (Intel i5, 8GB ram and hybrid HDD).
It is working fine overall but messed up startup of a few programs that I installed a long time ago.  Now I have a few error messages when Windows 10 starts. I will clean that later...

ive had my with windows 7 but was offed windows 10 with in a week of buying my new conputer and its now, two years old, my computer has been getting slower and slower, and the last 3 mouths the hard drive keeps working at 100%, ive lost 90% of the memory, ive been unable to run systeam restore,
ive tryed to restore windows 7, but it seams to be missing
now ive had to reformat the hard drive and back to windows 7

Pete, my best friend is Google try to research problems with Windows 10. It is installed on my new laptop yet I haven't had time to try it out as of now. I'm waiting to arrive in Brazil to put the laptop to optimum use. Sorry I am not much of a help at this time as I am sure there are some glitches in it. Take care.

Cheers my young friend
Ive gone back to windows 7, because you can deside what updates you take, but with windows 10 you have to take everything they send you, well so ive been told
and with windows 7 you dont have the black box, poppeing up like you do in windows 10,

Im new to it,and so far no problems

if you computer slows down see how hard the hard drive is working,, it should be about 8 % but my one was working 100%

I don't like Windows 10 because it is consuming so much resources besides its look and feel is much more for tablets and mobiles not PCs
I prefer Windows 7, and make sure to keep it updated with latest security patches
You can make your computer faster if you installed an SSD disk
you will not need more than 120 GB SSD to install the operating system while your data can be kept on other HDD drives
If you are running on a laptop you can compromise and stop using the DVD drive and replace it with hard disk rack so you can have both SSD for OS and HDD for data

Hi there i
i have a 3 year old HP quod cor, 8 gig, with AMD
so it pritty fast,
but windows 10 mest up the Hard drive, and the only way of getting back to windows 7 was to reformat the whole thing,

Came all the way back here to  share my experience with Windows 10. I didn't download the aniversary update cause i was  having errors, so now i just got another new update and it refuses to download, i've been sitting here waiting like forever and it won't move from 0% so now i'm done with Windows 10. I'll somehow try to get the Windows 7.

Hi Yulana
how you going
that's why I went back to windows 7, BUT I found out you cant get windows 7 anymore, so you have to get windows 8, what ive done, and guess what, no problems at all

       I'm doing okay, hope all is well with you and your family.  Well I have no other option other than to take the update,  contacted MICROSOFT and was told that the anniversary update is mandatory,  if not accepted other new updates will be encrypted.  And that's exactly what's happening,  but I'll upate it and then I'll try windows 8. This computer came with windows10 making it more difficult to roll back. Anyways it crashed my Web Cam and Internet connection too , it's 00:48 and I'm still up trying to fix the mess since I'll need my computer tomorrow.  Ppppfff! So frustrated!

i read that one of the main problems with windows 10, was the program was turning off the webcam,
My problem with windows 10 was it was making my C drive work over time, like at 100%, and that was going to "killing it"
so I had to re-format the C -drive, and put on windows 8


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