Road from Ciabo Airport to Las Terrenas


We are flying into Ciabo International Airport and renting a car to drive to Las Terrenas later this month.  How are the road conditions?  Thanks.

I know the mountain pass towards Gaspar Hernandez is a beast...although even worse is the direct route north to Puerto Plata/Sosua from STI...BUT...we drove up from Punta Cana once by way of Santo Domingo and driving up 7 is a dream...but coming from the west, I imagine you have to cut over some mountains...It may seem counter intuitive, but flying into Santo Domingo might actually make getting to LT faster...but, have some RD cash for tolls.

I live in Jarabcoa and have done it many times. The roads through Mao are very poorly marked, San Francisco also. Unless you speak fluent Dominican, or have a guide, you will have a hard time finding  your way to the 4 lane North to Las Terrenas. Go through Nagua and head east along the coast to Sanchez.

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