i would like to learn a lot... like how to be succesful in business

Well i have tried to have my tricycle but its hard to find a steady driver.. I want to have other business that i hope i dont need capital?

Dorena-  First, read up on starting and managing a small business.  I found some helpful on-line articles (and they're free!) the following: 7 Essential Principles of Small Business Sucess; also- 5 Essential Principles for Growing Your Small Business; and 10 Guiding Principles for Start-Ups....and a few more you can check on.   Your local library may also have guides for doing business.

Then look around...and also check yourself.  If you feel you have the skills required to plan, launch and operate the kind of business you like....then go for it.

Learn from others....from people in small business and other folks who might share their experience in the art of enterpreneurship.  If their is an organization in your area that can provide pointers in doing business...go to them and learn.   Study the market environment in the area where you plan to do business.  Is there a demand for the kind business you have in mind?  Will this demand remain constant?  Or is this a temporary demand?   Are you able to satisfy this demand?  Check on your resources?   Are you flexible?  Means...if and when the demand suddenly changes (for whatever reason) are you able be flexible...change your strategy, find an alternate provider (of your resources), shift downward, increase the demand (for services or products)?   Perhaps other expats in this forum will jump in with their ideas on how to be successful in business.   

Getting started is just the beginning.  Continue to learn as you go along in your business....learn the pitfalls, what to avoid, what to go after, and how to keep the momentum that will propel you to succeed.  And maintain good bookkeeping and record keeping techniques from the very beginning.  Success is not just just being able to continually provide the services (of your business) or, products...but also maintain accurate records and accountability of everything you do in your business.   That's the aspect of the business that many entrepreneurs fail to do well---which almost always lead to failure.  No matter what kind of business you get into, large and or small and will require careful planning and preparation.   I hope you don't go into the common attitude (as the ones I have commonly known in the Philippines)..."bahala na Lang!" And leave at that.

Good luck in whatever business you get into.

Hi Dorena,

How about attending seminars about entrepreneurship or investing money where it will grow with speakers who can speak base on their experience?

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