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My college age son is soon going to Costa Rica for 3 to 6 months. His health insurance company says to take 6 months supply of meds with him - this is so impractical as Humalog (insulin) need refrigeration and infusion sets for his pump (medtronic) are very bulky. 
I've read different opinions on if medications are affordable there.  Would it be possible to get the insulin and pump infusion sets affordably there since insurance may not reimburse us.

thats a great question. hope someone has some experience with that. i would also be curious to know.

I checked with a local pharmacy in San Ramon, Alajuela and they do carry the Humalog but not the medtronic.  The cost of the Humalog was ¢41,000 for 100.  (about $74.)

- Expat Dave

Thanks ExpatDave - The info about Humalog is helpful (it is doable at that price, but hopefully insurance will reimburse)
Here's what I have found out since my original question was posted...I'm going to include more details than most will want, but in case someone has this same question:
I was able to email the Meditek company (which carries supplies for his Medtronic pump). informacion[at] 
They can mail the supplies to him with this info provided to them.
-          Full name
-          ID Number or passport number
-          Telephone number in Costa Rica
-          Address in Costa Rica
They gave me prices too.  No prescription needed.  But need to pay directly to them.
So he is going to take the chance that our insurance will reimburse him.
But I did not know about the insulin information - thanks again!

Keep in mind that if you mail something from the States or Canada, it will take two to three weeks to arrive.  That is, IF it arrives and you actually receive it.  If it is shipped through/to Aerocasillas it will take at least two weeks and they will tax it in a big way.  Many Gringos use it but I would in no way recommend them.
If you have a friend here, it can be shipped to their address.  That works most of the time. 

I would think a pharmacy here would have the Medtronic pump.  The problem I ran into when I asked was I did not know what it was so I was asking for exactly that.  It is a brand name.  Many people here of course have diabetes so I'm sure there is something similar.  I'll look up how it works and see if I can describe it to a friend who is a pharmacist and see what they carry.

- Expat Dave

Can't it just be mailed to him and stock up prior to his trip down?

Medical supplies or equipment cannot be send to Costa Rica via mail or a whole lot of other items.

I neglected to add to the above post, that these types of items require a 'special import permit' which in turn may require a cedula.

After thinking on it,  :rolleyes: something else to be taken into consideration, is if your son is 'traveling around the country' and it may not be so easy for him to retrieve the package.

The company I emailed and got the quotes from in in Costa Rica not the US.  I knew I could not likely ship from here.  So being able to contact a company in Costa Rica that carried the supplies was great.  Is shipping within Costa Rica ok?  They would ship to his school's address.  He will be in San Jose for 3 months then somewhere in the mountains for the next 3.  I don't know the name of the city there.

'Home/business address delivery' is not always an option, but he can pick it up at the post office.

Thanks Post Office pickup sounds practical for the second part of his time there.  By the way, he is there now and loving the country and the people!

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