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i want to know about work visa for Nepal .can some one send me information about this?

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I have moved your thread from the Pakistan forum to the Nepal forum. Read the following article for some hints : Long term visa in Nepal.

Also, please read these posts, they are relevant to your questions : … 278#820644

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Suffice it to say that it is not easy to get a business visa
The experience shows that in recent years. it has become increasingly difficult to obtain
At one time, a few years ago, one could obtain up to five years business visa
These days, the same applicant should consider himself to be lucky if he gets either 6 months or 12 months (renewable). Nothing is automatic. At each successive expiry date comes up,  Nepal Immigration automatically will request a letter of recommendation from DOI etc
And if you are new to the scene. they may well require you to invest say 50000 dollars and perhaps more. This you would have to verify. And remember, not all sectors are open for investment purposes.
Consult an approved list, to ensure that your project is in a field of endeavor that is open to foreign investors

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To the best of my knowledge, nothing has really changed in the last year by way of policy. On this topic of Business Visas, it may also be useful for first time inquirers - new to Nepal - to know that 5 year visas are still by no means easy to obtain, and that in any case, they are - I would say - never granted to first time applicants unless say,  you come to Nepal to build a hydro electric plant!! For most of us involved in smaller, more mundane scale projects - requiring  DOI (Dept of Industry) approval and completion of all bureaucratic formalities requiring a lawyer - business visas are likely to be issued by Immigration Dept pretty much with these maturities:
- new projects:   applicant's new business visa is likely to be issued with a validity limited to six months initially, rarely longer
- at end of initial 6 months, and supported by good "progress report", renewal of one's BV is likely to be for a further 6 months period.
After that, it will all depend on how fast and how well DOI will determine your project is developing. If they deem your project to be on target, and the full $50,000-$100,000 investment has been completed, fair chance to get a 12 months visa at that time.
Then 12-24 months down the line, at that point applicant can then try his luck in applying for a full 5 years validity.
- assuming project to be going forward on timely fashion, I stand by what I wrote previously.  A few years ago, 5 year business were a lot easier to obtain, than nowadays. In 2017, the (total) number of business visas is really very limited for the country as a whole. 
And by the way, for the uninitiated there is nothing in between, like a 2 or 3 or 4 year business visa, of course. Those do not exist.
One other thing most people may not know. An expat friend of mine who runs one of Kathmandu's leading restaurants used to hold a 5 year business visa.  But then on or about 2015, and although he had been successfully running that business for well over a decade, he saw his 5 year business visa reduced to only 6 months validity for some unexplained reason! He's still in business today, so it's ok, but still...As they say, never count your chickens until they are hatched! Nepal is Nepal.

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