Visit visa to permanent visa..

Assalaamualaikum to all..

I am planning to go to saudi arabia either on permanent visa or on visit visa, it would be great if I could go on permanent visa ..but the problem is i am in urgency.. so wanted to know that is it possible for me to go on family visit visa and do all the proceedings of permanent visa while staying there and when it's done i shall come back for a week or two do medical test and all and finally go back to saudi arab on permanent visa??


Converting Visit visa to permanent is not possible at all. It's always better to come in permanent visa.. but it will not happen in a short time.


Sorry but i didn't asked about converting visit visa to permanent visa i want to ask that is it possible for me to come to kingdom on visit and apply for permanent visa and do all the formalities

Yes for sure you can do it.. once you got your permanent visa you should go back to your country and do all the formalities for stamping..

Yes, you can do that.

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