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That's bitcoins and other similar scams finished in Indonesia.
The crazy currency has been the preferred unit of transaction for drug dealers and other general scumbags for a long time. … ansactions

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Bank Indonesia (BI) has banned the use of Bitcoins in financial transactions. The central bank said that transactions using the virtual currency are against the law because the only valid instrument for payment in Indonesia is the rupiah.

BI executive director of payment system policy and supervision Eny V. Panggabean said Eny said the ban was issued to protect the people. The use of bitcoin is considered risky because it does not have a liable institution.

BI also said that Bitcoins have the potential to be used for criminal activities such as drug dealings or credit card purchases using other people's cards.



I have to admit taking some pleasure when reading this story.
Seems sticking your tongue down the throat of the woman you're trying to rape is a bad idea.

Tough luck, pal, you deserve it. … p?Id=17871

You Have the Right to Remain Silent
Ojek Driver in Bali Suffers Critically Bitten Tongue When He Tries to Rape Woman Passenger

I laughed at this bit (pun intended)

Police say they have been unable to interrogate the ojek driver who is unable to talk while doctors work to treat and save his badly injured tongue.

That's real justice but a bit of prison time will be a nice bonus.

Here's hoping the lady recovers from this nasty experience quickly and my congratulations to her for her quick thinking and excellent actions that gave this evil git a little something he well deserves.
Poster may now send get well soon cards to the hospital, all complete with short tongue jokes.

Read: KPK Investigators Meet Doctor Who...

OK, I admit snipping the line but this is like a plot from some really crappy TV soap.

The first link is a timeline of the accident … r-Accident

This is the soap opera plot … est-Report

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) officially arrest Setya Novanto on Friday, Nov. 17. The House of Representatives Speaker named as a suspect of e-KTP graft case still refused to sign arrest report provided by KPK.

I have my personal opinion as to his likely guilt or innocence but if someone can get away with avoiding his arrest because of his position, there's something very wrong with the system.
More so when political backers are trying to get him off the hook.


Once again we have a guy who seemed to think lax laws in his home country work in Indonesia. What might get you a slap on the wrist in Europe gets you five years here so don't do it. … p?Id=18006

(11/26/2017) A French university student, Anthony Fabien Georges Lambert, has been sentenced to five years in prison in Bali on Tuesday, November 21, 2017, convicted for possession 14.32 grams of marijuana.

Gosh - After months of dancing and dodging the legal process we now see an arrest and the case heading towards a court but the KPK are going to have to watch this one with eagle eyes in case the judges are appointed by someone with 'an interest' in the case or the judges are persuaded by 'extraordinary arguments'.

Regardless of the charges or verdict, this case has shown the massive problems Jokowi faces in his efforts to rid Indonesia of corruption. … -soon.html

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has sped up its investigation into graft suspect Setya Novanto in the e-ID graft case, with dossiers expected to be completed soon and handed over to the Jakarta Corruption Court.

KPK investigators are working to build a strong case to present to the corruption court as it has accused Setya of taking part in the graft scheme, the agency’s chairman Agus Rahardjo, said.

Despite several witness yet to be questioned, Agus was optimistic that his side would complete the dossiers before  the South Jakarta District Court issued a ruling in a pretrial motion filed by the embattled House of Representatives speaker and Golkar party chairman.



I wonder how long jakarta has left before property prices sink … loods.html

Thousand Islands and North Jakarta were inundated by rising sea levels on Tuesday.

Cleaning workers under the authority of the Public Facility Maintenance Agency (PPSU) in Penjaringan, North Jakarta tried to hold off the seawater using sandbags as residential areas became inundated.

Penjaringan sub-district head Depika Romadi said sea levels had increased due to the rainy season while the construction of the sea-dike was yet to be completed.

I read this some time last week, … om-sinking

Bye Bye Bitcoin … -year.html

Bank Indonesia plans to issue a regulation prohibiting transactions using Bitcoin, a digital currency created in 2009 by an unknown person or group under the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.

The regulation would take effect starting next year, an official has said.

Bank Indonesia head of transformation Onny Widjanarko said the regulation on e-money would be issued in the near future.

Sounds expensive - or is it?
The boats to thousand islands don't come cheap to this isn't bad.
Now add Indonesia's terrible traffic and how long it takes to get around and you have a winner of an idea. … rides.html

A new mode of public transportation was launched earlier this week, as PT Whitesky Aviation commenced operation of its helicopter service with its first route from Jakarta to West Java's capital of Bandung.

The company travels to a number of destinations, including Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Thousand Islands, Bandung, Sukabumi, Cirebon and Bali.

For departure from Jakarta, take off could be from a field or the helispot atop Wisma Aldiron Pancoran. The destination can be determined by the passenger.

The routes include Jakarta-Bandung, Jakarta-Bogor, Jakarta-Anyer, as well as Balik-Lombok, Bali-Gili Trawangan.


I see these kids skating when I pop into BX, and they're pretty great.
Pity there isn't more available for them. … nk/9233634

In Jakarta there are only two ice skating rinks.

One is on the outskirts of the capital, on the fourth floor of a large mall.

It's a haven to escape the tropical heat on a weekend, if you feel like battling the crowds.

But for Indonesian teenager, Calvin Pratama, 17, it's much more. The slab of ice symbolises his dreams and his future.

News 1 … -indonesia

Indonesia is to shortly receive into service the last six surplus Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon combat aircraft acquired from the US Air Force (USAF), the service announced on 6 December.

News 2 … nesia.html

MOSCOW –  The Russian military says its strategic bombers have flown a patrol mission over the Southern Pacific after taking off from Indonesia, part of Moscow's efforts to restore its Cold War-era military foothold around the world.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the two Tu-95 strategic bombers flew from Biak Island in Indonesia's easternmost Papua province where they arrived Tuesday. It said Thursday's patrol lasted eight hours.

Indonesia is so popular these days, but you have to look at a lot more news to understand why, that and world oil tanker routes.

. … ing-Rp99bn

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Setya Novanto is accused of receiving US$7.3 million or some Rp99 billion from contractors and procurers of the electronic identity card (e-KTP) procurement project. His indictment will be read out at the Jakarta Corruption Court next Wednesday.

The indictment will explain the flow of funds through the colleagues and nephews of the House of Representatives' (DPR) speaker.

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) spokesman Febri Diansyah confirmed that the prosecutor would prove the indictment. "Including the flow of funds and the parties who received them," Febri told Tempo yesterday.


Nice to have a bit of good news.
From terrible to the best in a few short years.

an “operational excellence” service to its passengers

The airline aimed for it and, in my experience, achieved it and more.
Their service is fantastic and, get this, the in flight meals are enjoyable, Garuda's in flight food actually allows me to experience pleasure as I munch on it.  I was as pleased as I was surprised. … emony.html

National flag carrier Garuda Indonesia was named Airline of the Year at the 2017 Indonesia Travel and Tourism Award (ITTA) ceremony on Monday.

Launched in 2010, ITTA’s winners are selected based on two methods: 25 percent online voting and 75 percent voting from a committee that comprises experts in the travel and tourism industry.

Garuda Indonesia marketing director and information technology Nina Sulistyowati said in a press release that the award was the seventh received by Garuda Indonesia at the annual event, adding that it proved the airline's consistency in delivering an “operational excellence” service to its passengers.

We don't know how bad this one is yet but indications suggest the numbers of hurt are likely to increase.
It hit just before midnight local time so reports are limited but we'll know more soon as it's first light here. … b93edcfae2

A POWERFUL 6.5-magnitude earthquake has rocked Indonesia’s main island of Java, leaving at least one person dead and rattling nerves in the capital Jakarta.

There was no immediate indication of a tsunami, but authorities said they had issued a warning following the tremor, which struck a coastal region some 300 km from the capital.

National disaster mitigation agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said a 62-year-old had died in the Ciamis region in West Java after becoming trapped in a collapsed house.

Looks like a club has been shut down for producing and selling drugs.
Can't say I'm unhappy about that. … ling-Drugs

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta administration has revoked the business permit of nightclub MG International Club for selling liquid crystal meth.

Jakarta Investment Office head Edy Junaedi said that the decision was made after an investigation launched by the National Antinarcotics Agency (BNN) and the National Police on December 17 in which they found a lab allegedly used to produce drugs.

Another bang in Bali means a likely drop in tourist revenue.
Whilst there's no danger at all to the main tourist areas, this latest eruption will scare a lot of people into booking alternative holidays. … upts-Again

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Mount Agung in Bali erupted again on Saturday, spewing volcanic ash up to a height of 2,500 meters.

An official from the Center of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG), Devy Syahbana, noted here that the eruption took place at 11:57 am Central Indonesia Time (3:57 am GMT).

He said the volcanic ash cloud drifted in the northeastward direction following the wind that blew softly toward the east and northeast.

The column of smoke was visible from the main monitoring center in Tansh Ampo located some 22 kilometers away.

Several days ago, President Joko Widodo visited Bali and took a picture with foreign tourists.


This is a very bad time to be a drug dealer in Indonesia because the cops have a 'shoot the moment you resist arrest' policy.
Resisting arrest seems to have a loose definition so, if you're a drug dealer, don't sneeze near a copper. … -crackdown

JAKARTA (THE JAKARTA POST/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Law enforcement officials shot and killed 79 suspected drug dealers this year, says Indonesia's National Drug Agency (BNN), as the country cracks down on its drug problem.

"We shot 79 even though we arrested 58,000. We have enough ammunition for 58,000, it's just that they still have some good luck," BNN chief Budi Waseso told reporters on Wednesday (Dec 27).

"We actually hoped that they would resist, so we could shoot them," he added jokingly. "But most of them immediately surrendered when we conducted the raids."

Sorry about that really annoying BMW ad in the link, You have to click on it before it'll disappear and it's a rare old pain. If I were representing BMW, I's withdraw all advertising from them because they bug potential customers.

Immigration have been busy.
Illegals in Indonesia are treated well and not abused but they are dealt with quickly and without any quarter given.
An older story (Further down the page) shows how immigration officers detained some tourists because they didn't have their passports with them when asked to produce. Tourists in Indonesia should carry their passports at all times, preferably in a secure place such as a hidden wallet to avoid loss or theft. … gners.html

Several foreign nationals from various countries have been detained in Batam, Riau Islands, for allegedly violating immigration rules.

They were arrested in separate raids jointly conducted by personnel of the Batam Immigration Office and other agencies across Batam.

Batam Immigration Office head Lucky Agung said on Thursday that personnel dispatched for surveillance purposes since Wednesday had arrested a total of 21 foreign nationals in three locations, but some of them were quickly cleared of any wrongdoing.

“After quick inspections of their immigration permits, it was found that [some of the foreign nationals] were guilty of violating Article 75 of the 2011 Immigration Law,” Lucky said.

“They have been brought to the immigration office to undergo further inquiries.”

According to the office’s data, a first raid, conducted at the Queen Victoria Apartment building, led to the arrest of 11 foreign nationals: three from South Korea, one from India and seven from Singapore. However, all of them could present temporary living permits, so they were swiftly released.

In the second raid, conducted at the Smiling Hill Guest House and Apartment, three Australian nationals were questioned. One of them, Ewen Errol Grant, 41, was brought to the immigration office for alleged violations of the Immigration Law.

The last spot was in Kampung Bule, Nagoya, where the officers detained three Japanese nationals, three from Mauritius, one from the United Kingdom, one from Singapore and one Australian national for questioning at the immigration office.

This one is a reminder to all expats and locals, your mobile phone sims should be registered before they get blocked.
You have until the end of February. … m-Ministry

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Communications and Information Ministry stated on Sunday (31/12) that 130 numbers of prepaid SIM cards both new and those needing re-registration have been registered and been integrated with their citizenship identity number (NIK) until December 31 at 11 a.m.

I don't try to hide my contempt for drug users, mostly because they're stupid.
My thanks to BNN for keeping us one pointless moron safer. … rug-abuse/

Jakarta. The National Narcotics Agency, or BNN, detained a Malaysian national for drug abuse at Hang Nadim International Airport in Batam, Riau Islands, on Saturday (30/12).

BNN arrested the man, who is a pilot at Malindo Airlines, a Malaysian subsidiary of Indonesia's largest budget airline Lion Air Group, during a random inspection. The pilot tested positive for crystal meth.

"He is in custody at the BNN Riau Islands office," the agency's provincial head Richard Nainggolan said, as quoted by

BNN also seized 1.9 grams of crystal meth, a meth bong and aluminium foil, which it suspects was used by the pilot.

Won’t be flying with them anytime soon

Gwmeath :

Won’t be flying with them anytime soon

The bad press won't help the airline's image much.
Frankly, their failure to keep an eye on their staff is less than what I would expect from an airline.

The good thing is they got caught and security is doing what they are meant to do hopefully lacklustre security checks on pilots etc changes

I know this stuff happens all over the world (and I've been offered this filthy service twice), but it's still a killer when you see an incident. … e-act.html

Police have arrested a Japanese man who allegedly committed sexual acts on two children. The victims, NC, 12, and JC, 11, are tissue sellers at a shopping center.

South Jakarta Police chief Comr. Mardiaz said they also arrested the alleged pimp, who goes by the name of Mamih D, on Friday. “The alleged perpetrator already confirmed to us his wrongdoing,” he added.

The police said the alleged perpetrator, who goes by the initial AA, worked as a chef at a Japanese restaurant in Jakarta.

Mardiaz said AA allegedly contacted Mamih D every time he wanted to meet underage victims. “Mamih D then brought the children to a hotel that she and AA had already agreed upon,” he said.

The victims were allegedly sold by Mamih D for Rp 2 million (US$ 148). She received Rp 400,000 for every victim her customer abuses.

More child sex - this time in tourist areas.
Tie for some local education and very harsh punishments for anyone involved.

Recent research in 10 locations of tourist destinations in Indonesia - among others Bali, Bukit Tinggi, Lombok to Thousand Islands - revealed that children are still victims of violence and sexual exploitation.

Similar problems are likely to be found in other tourist sites in Indonesia, as explained by the relevant government officials.

(Used google translate for speed)

Using fame as a scumbag drug smuggler should be illegal.

Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby has created something of a stir in Australia by releasing a music track on social media.

The track, called Palm Trees, features Corby on vocals singing: "I'm in Queensland and it is sunny. I have the palm trees behind me."

Corby's Instagram post said it had been "so much fun" to make - but it's fair to say it's meant she is yet again dividing Australian public opinion.

I read this earlier today, shocking

A good news story … -zone.html

The Ngurah Rai International Airport’s Customs and Excise Office declared on Wednesday its commitment to creating an integrity zone across all of its working areas. As part of its commitment to integrity, the Office will ensure the airport is corruption free.

Any custom officers found guilty of attempting to take bribes or commit corruption would face sanctions, Ngurah Rai Customs and Excise Office head Himawan Indarjono said.

“The sanctions include dismissal and they could face criminal charges,” he said.

The blackout was nothing more than a short term pain for most but a lot of people had real problems.
The basic problem, best I can guess from the news, is the kit is getting old and out of date. … ion-tests/

Jakarta. State-controlled electricity company PLN has been investigating the cause of Tuesday’s (02/01) sustained power outage in the greater Jakarta area to improve the company's mitigation system in the future, an official told the Jakarta Globe on Wednesday.

I Made Suprateka, corporate communication of PLN, said a four-hour outage in Jakarta and surrounding areas on Tuesday morning was caused by unresponsive operating systems at Gandul and Muara Karang power stations in Depok, West Java, and West Jakarta, respectively.

The outage affected 15 other power stations as well, mostly those that supply electricity to North Jakarta. During the outage, 63 power stations were still operating, Made said.

He added that the company has been calculating losses caused by the outage, but "the first thing is we try to find the cause of it to conduct risk mitigation, so it won’t happen again."

It seems the coppers are still taking out drug dealers pretty much as they fancy.
Regardless of opinions on the subject, it's clearly a very bad idea to have anything to do with drugs here. … -shot-dead

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Police in West Jakarta has shot dead a suspected drug trafficker who has allegedly attacked a police brigadier.

"He resisted when police officers were trying to take him to the scene of attack," Chief of the West Jakarta Police Resort Snr Comsr Hengki Hariyadi said here on Sunday.

The police arrested the suspected drug trafficker, identified as US, in Jakarta's western outskirts of Tangerang.

When he was taken to the scene of attack, he resisted. The police later shot him on his chest.

The police also seized 1.67 grams of crystal meth, a knife and wood used to attack Brig Rizal Taufik who is a member of the drug at the West Jakarta police resort.

Taufik sustained injury on his head when he tried to catch US in Penjaringan, North Jakarta, on Friday (Jan 5). He suffered some bleeding in the brain and a skull fracture.

Have you lived in Indonesia as a poor person? If you had, you would know what drugs like meth are doing to the younger generation, maybe the US can afford millions of useless addicts ripping each other off and committing crimes, but hey, that's what Chicago is for. I advise not to jump to hasty conclusions. I have had many years of dealing with Indonesian authorities and they are almost without exception helpful wise and tolerant and will not bung you up if you aren't actually harming anyone.

Fred :

The blackout was nothing more than a short term pain for most but a lot of people had real problems.
The basic problem, best I can guess from the news, is the kit is getting old and out of date. … ion-tests/

Lol, does anyone trust PLN, even locally?  :P

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