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That's bitcoins and other similar scams finished in Indonesia.
The crazy currency has been the preferred unit of transaction for drug dealers and other general scumbags for a long time. … ansactions

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Bank Indonesia (BI) has banned the use of Bitcoins in financial transactions. The central bank said that transactions using the virtual currency are against the law because the only valid instrument for payment in Indonesia is the rupiah.

BI executive director of payment system policy and supervision Eny V. Panggabean said Eny said the ban was issued to protect the people. The use of bitcoin is considered risky because it does not have a liable institution.

BI also said that Bitcoins have the potential to be used for criminal activities such as drug dealings or credit card purchases using other people's cards.

Sounds like this guy would be an ideal Islamic state member as you need to be suffering from a mental illness to want to join that bunch. … alace.html

A man threatened to stab members of the Presidential Security Detail (Paspampres) after being refused admission to meet with President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo on Monday...
....The 39-year-old man also shouted that he was a member of the so-called Islamic State movement. But it appears the man was suffering from a mental illness, according to a Paspampres investigation, said Urip.

Some news is dangerous, even after half a century.
The Indonesian communist party was banned in those troubled times and remains banned today and, whatever anyone's opinion of the ban and the general situation of the time, the spectre of a communist coup is still used in today's local politics, especially by those with an interest in  power.
If the communist party reemerge it'll mean a lot of trouble, even if it's just two men and an old dog with a limp, the very existence of the party is very likely to be used by some with 'wild' political views as an excuse for violence.
The release of the US government and CIA papers admitting their part in the events of the time have caused major rumblings here and could even lead to a serious political situation if Jokowi isn't extremely careful.
Even this news piece could cause 'reactions'. … 5-Massacre

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Bedjo Untung, chairman of the Foundation on the Victims of the 1965 Killings (YPKP 65), said that the Indonesia Communist Party (PKI) was a victim of the 1965 massacre.

“PKI was clearly a victim, nobody knows that. They only know that the PKI are rebels; it’s fictitious,” he said after visiting the National Commission on Human Rights office on November 15.

I have to admit taking some pleasure when reading this story.
Seems sticking your tongue down the throat of the woman you're trying to rape is a bad idea.

Tough luck, pal, you deserve it. … p?Id=17871

You Have the Right to Remain Silent
Ojek Driver in Bali Suffers Critically Bitten Tongue When He Tries to Rape Woman Passenger

I laughed at this bit (pun intended)

Police say they have been unable to interrogate the ojek driver who is unable to talk while doctors work to treat and save his badly injured tongue.

That's real justice but a bit of prison time will be a nice bonus.

Here's hoping the lady recovers from this nasty experience quickly and my congratulations to her for her quick thinking and excellent actions that gave this evil git a little something he well deserves.
Poster may now send get well soon cards to the hospital, all complete with short tongue jokes.

Read: KPK Investigators Meet Doctor Who...

OK, I admit snipping the line but this is like a plot from some really crappy TV soap.

The first link is a timeline of the accident … r-Accident

This is the soap opera plot … est-Report

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) officially arrest Setya Novanto on Friday, Nov. 17. The House of Representatives Speaker named as a suspect of e-KTP graft case still refused to sign arrest report provided by KPK.

I have my personal opinion as to his likely guilt or innocence but if someone can get away with avoiding his arrest because of his position, there's something very wrong with the system.
More so when political backers are trying to get him off the hook.

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