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Hello everybody

Hi. Im from Philippines i. Have. A boyfriend french man he is problem is im planning to apply for tourist visa in my country...but the requirements for tourist visa and france is need Bank account in Phillipines but i dont have acoount in my country..just i have only In Bangkok Account because im working there....Thank you....

I didn't understand the question.

Are you asking what could be done in this case, or are you looking to open a bank account in the Philippines?

If opening a bank account in the Philippines is one of the requirements, is there any reason you could not do that? If you are from the Philippines, then I presume you are a citizen and can open a bank account.

I believe I did not succeed to understand what kind of help you are looking for.

Hi sorry...Im not possible to open my account in Philippines because Im here in Thailand....but my boyfriend he asking if its okie only account in Thailand..for show the french embassy in Phil. For show money...i can travel in France...

Hi there. I believe if you are currently in Thailand working there then isn't that supposed to be where you HAVE to apply for a French tourist visa regardless of your nationality? Check with the French Embassy in Bangkok. If you plan to fly from Thailand to France, then I believe you need to apply for a tourist visa in Thailand (not in the Philippines). If you intend to visit France, then you have to apply through the French embassy in your home country OR country of residence.


I think I understand your question now; legal residents in Thailand should apply from Thailand. In addition, your bank account, current job, and where you currently live are in Thailand. I believe the French Embassy in Bangkok will ask you for your work details, so it is easier for your case, I believe, to apply in the country of residence.

You could call the Embassy of France in Bangkok and ask them about the requirements for expatriates in Thailand. Compare the information you hear with that of the website, and bring the requirements for the appointment.

Could you let us know of the results of your case?

We hope all the best to you and your boyfriend.


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