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Hello everybody
I'm a Tunisian man married to English woman,we are thinking to move to Germany to settle there,because my wife don't like the life in Tunisia and she don't get paid enough in England to qualify for visa there so can we apply for a holiday visa to Germany together using the directive law 2004,then my wife start a job and we rent a house to apply for residency card for me so we can settle there together.
Is this possible?! If yes what we need to do and what documents required for holiday visa ?! And how long it will take ?!
And thanks in advance  :)

This is of course possible - provided you speak enough German or have niche skills that enable you to find a job.As an EU citizen, your wife can freely settle and work anywhere within the EU. (Note: This might change after Brexit!). As her spouse, you can also get a residency permit to live with her (by claiming treaty rights).
A tourist visa is not strictly necessary for this. But if you want to apply for one, e.g. for a first exploratory visit, then you should contact your nearest German embassy about the requirements and procedure.

Thank you so much for your reply do you have any idea when Brexit will happen as there are a lot of different things my wife has heard and is not sure about it

I have the same information from news agencies as your wife. If she as an English citizen cannot tell, then how could I?
Most sources say the process will take a few years. I think British people will also not be thrown out of Germany if they have a job and integrate well. But for unemployed non-British spouses nobody knows. It's the risk you must take (or not and stay elsewhere).

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