Can canadian nurse with Portuguese certificate get job in Canada?

Hello everyone I am Portuguese living in England with my wife, she have dual nationality Canadian/Portuguese, she was born in Canada she lived when she was a kid, she is nurse with Portuguese certificate and 2 years experience in England, we are thinking to move to Canada its a big step and we don't know if she can work like a nurse in Canada and if can go with her, and we would like to know how its the life in Canada, living there...

Thank you very much

Nurses are in high demand in Canada, but the verification process can be rigorous. I think that working in England will help. The following places might help be able to help; The Canadian Nurses Association, the Canadian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. As your wife is a dual citizen, she shouldn't have problems coming to Canada, unless she falls into the group of dual citizens that had their citizenship removed because they didn't file some paperwork. (This is a select group of people during a specific period of time, but I don't have the exact details.) You might have a bit more of a challenge, and will have to go through the permanent residency process.

thanks very much for your help I appreciate that, I will try to find out or either have a lawyer to help us in the process

Kings Regards

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