Parking Issue in front of Villa

Dear All,

I want to discuss an issue with you regarding parking issue in front of my villa. I live in a villa which has 2 floors. I live on the ground floor and a Saudi family live on the first floor.

Here is the villa front Plan:

----------------------------------------|------------- P1--------------|-----------------------P2---------------------------
--Neighbour Door----MyDoor--------------------------------------------------My Servant Quarter Door--

As clear from above there is space to park two cars on my side, can you please explain who this parking belong to, If he parks 2 cars at this place, or even one car, what can I do. Can I call Marror and complain about wrong parking, will they stand by my side.

Kindly give your answers with your best knowledge, really thankful to you all.


resolve the issue amongst yourselves, no need to get the popo involved into all this.



Here , if you live in a housing complex with Saudis, the rule is that the Saudi decides who will park where. :)

I suggest you do not communicate with the Saudi family directly. You must talk to the landlord or his representative estate agent ( الوكيل العقاري) who takes care of collecting rent etc.

I dont believe there is a rule of thumb with parking spaces, especially here ...your best chances would be to speak to the landlord or speak to the neighbor and resolve the issue where you decide amongst you to choose a spot and to stick with it.

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