Documents and Stamps (marriage stuff >_>)

I am having difficulty getting payslips stamped from my employer, they play ignorant, and are non-responsive. I am having difficulty getting pretty much everything stamped >:(

My question is does it need to be stamped? What are alternatives? Do they need to be stamped? Who can provide stamps?

So far I can only get my bank statement stamped, by my bank, it would say COMPANY NAME PAYROLL and then amount deposited and the date, would this work?

Beyond that I am having hard time getting letter of employment or record of employment stamped. Everything is available online to print off. So if these are suitable alternatives, they won't be stamped >:(

also any general information on stamps or not requiring stamps or experiences with stamps requested :)


I have recently just finished the marriage process, and I didn't have any of my documents stamped before submitting them! In terms of payslips, mine are online - they have the name of the company I work for, my name, address and a breakdown of my salary for the month. I just printed off copies of these for the last 3 months and there was no problems at all.

The same for the letter of employment, mine was just on headed paper from the company, with my details (name, date of birth, address, passport number) and information about when I started my job, my hours of work and my annual salary. This was then signed (even with an electronic signature) by my manager, and I did not get it stamped. I had no issues with submitting this or my payslips at all. I found the only papers which I needed to get stamped were the ones which I got whilst in Morocco.

Hello. Can I ask you, you was bring DBS from UK or you just used what you got from Morocco? Thanks

Hi MartaMus,

The police check I took from the UK was an ACRO police certificate. It is a bit different from a DBS, you have to complete an online application and you will receive your certificate within a couple of weeks. It is similar to a DBS however there are a few different details and also a photograph of yourself, so I would recommend that you get a copy of this particular certificate.

As well as the UK police record, you will then need to also get a police record from the Ministry of Justice in Rabat.

I agree, i needed nothing stamped. the only thing you should be aware of is that your employment letter should at least be written on company letterhead (have the company logo etc).

Morocco has recently become a member of the Hague Convention, so documents can be apostilled instead of legalized. 

I don't know if you are trying to get papers done for Canadian authorities, or Moroccans authorities, and I don't know what paperwork you are trying to get done.  Are you married, going to marry, or something else?

Unless you are asking your employer to legalize your employment/pay papers, I find it bizarre that they will not rubber stamp them.  Are you asking about banking?  Banking here is awfully cumbersome and contradictory.  What I'm told about the same topic at the BMCE is not the same as at the BMCI, which is not the same as at the Attijariwafa.  However, in order to open an account they basically all want the green ANAPEC work contract, pay stubs (stamped w/company's rubber stamp, but not legalized), a letter from the employer stating my salary.  Then they vary from one bank to another as to additional documents (carte de séjour/receipt of payment for the carte de séjour/récépissé, birth certificate, passport, etc).  Convertible accounts must be about the most confusing thing I've encountered at banks here, with a lot of misinformation.  It seems each bank has a different policy concerning convertible accounts.  We have been told one thing here, but when we call our contacts at the same banks in Casa, they tell us something different, then they (the local banks and their HQs) squabble about their internal rules. 

I married overseas, and paperwork for my wife has been easy.  We get our documents translated from her language to Arabic (in her country) and then we get them legalized here.  That's been about the easiest part of the whole paperwork process.  Her paperwork for a carte de séjour seems to go through effortlessly. 

Expats I know here who try to obtain a Taxe Professionnelle (replaced the Patente) run up against all kinds of hurdles, but those hurdles vary from one jurisdiction to another.  I don't think you are talking about this though. 

A company/employer in Morocco should rubber stamp your employment papers without hesitation so long as the employment follows the law.  The only reason I can think of for them hassling you about those stamps is that there is a violation someplace and they are hiding it from you.  We are regularly audited and the auditors go through our employment files, so for me, it has never been an issue.  I have to rubber stamp everything anyway, so it's not like an employer is not used to stamping every single piece of paper that comes across the desk. 

I hope this helps somewhat.

Thanks everyone,

I ended up using the Record of Employment printed off of the services Canada website, and got it notarized as a certified copy in Canada just in case. And then I printed off Pay stubs.


the record of employment had to be translated to french, because mine were in english,

@The Grand Durian

I was getting married
Canada isn't part of the hague convention though.
The things that needed to be legalized were the police check from canada and the stuff from the embassy.

thanks for the rest of the info, I am sure it will help me someday and others.

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