How to speak Kuwait? Difficulty in speaking and pronouncing

Hi Everyone out there!
I need to know how to speak Kuwait as I plan to move to Kuwait City for Job. I like kuwait but found difficulty in speaking and pronouncing.
Can anyone be of help?
Thanks in

Hi there

Please check this post: … 13#3324084

I have mentioned a book and some few sentences.

Check your DM.

hi, there
how do u do ?
sure i can help u a lot in this as i have a course teaching non-Arabic speakers  both Arabic, the basic language , then the Kuwaiti dialect.

Almost everyone speaks English here.

I don't think you will find any struggles by not speaking the Kuwaiti Arabic

Everyone speaks English? You must move in small circles. More often than not, the only English I get out of locals is "No problem boss," which is a clear sign of a problem. Add to this the difficulty of being unable to read most business signs and restaurant menus, many road signs, schedules, and maps, and you quickly discover the life of an illiterate, English-only speaker in Kuwait is very limited.

I completely agree with Jaspn.

Our English curriculum (I'm talking about my highschool days and the place that I work in..) is very simple and basic. A couple of years ago, I've seen a student's exam (she had to sit in my office). They had a picture of an apple and I halted when I saw that they even had half the word under it.. it was that hard:


She was crying so much! She said it's very hard..
I felt really sorry for her as she said she really wants to learn English but she just can't..

So I do totally understand! It's such a shame that the English language in our curriculum does not get as much attention as other subjects..

Like I said I am talking about my highscool years .. 1999 - 2003.. but from seeing the girl's exam I was astonished to discover that it's obviously still the same, if not worse even.

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