Meeting new people in Warsaw

Hello friends!
We are a couple from Turkey. Its my second year in Warsaw and my boyfriend just moved in here. He is starting politechnika english prep school. But we have a little problem. We don't have any people who speaks English around us but he needs to be familiar with speaking in English. So if anyone who wants to hang out-maybe to share a coffee or some time to chat- please contact me 😊 Also we both like exploring the city.
Hope to meet with any of you soon !

Hi Selline,
I arrived to Warsaw ten days ago to study a master's degree in Finance and Accounting at Kozminski University.
It's nice to meet some people who are new to the country like me to explore Warsaw together. Nevertheless, I've started to socialize with my classmates.
We may arrange to hang out soon.
See you.

Hey Anooos👋🏻 Thanks for the reply. We will be happy to join you 👍🏻😊

Hey, feel free to get in touch. For coffee, drinks or discovering Warsaw;-) I was living expat life once (16 years abroad..) and I know the " feeling".

I am from India living in Warsaw
I too looking for English speakers
I stay near to Nugat

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