Currency exchange

I'm about to apply for my residency. Do I need to convert USD to Guarani to deposit at BNF? Maybe it is possible to deposit in USD without conversion? From my perspective "equivalente en dólares" means it is acceptable to deposit USD instead of Guarani. Please let me know real situation? Ideally I would like to deposit EUR.

"Nota de Depósito Bancario, Financiero o Cooperativo, con un monto mínimo de 350 jornales (Gs. 24.554.600 o su equivalente en dólares), firmada por el o los responsables de la cuenta."

If not, please recommend place with best currency exchange rates form USD and EUR to Guarani.

Also I was wondering if anyone used Revolut Mastercard in Paraquay? It seems a great way to save on crazy exchange rates by banks or cambios (specially for EUR). More info >

Revolut (or any other app that requires permission to access all the data on your phone, your contacts, can turn on your camera at will, and even log your call data is NOT going anywhere near my phone, and I very strongly recommend so one else put potentially dangerous apps such as this on any of their devices.

Not in a million years will I give some people I don't know total access to my phone.

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