From where can we start to move to UAE ?

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I am Sarah from Algeria, I'm 32, married with 2 daughters.
I'm an accountant since 6 years and my husband is a PE teacher and a professional basketball player. We want to move to UAE to work and live there, but we don't know how to do it !!!
Searching for jobs from here or move to UAE and search for a job there.
For my husband he speaks french and arabic better than English... for teachers they accept only English speakers !??
How and when teachers can find a job in UAE ?

Sorry  :| many questions !!!

Thank you  ;)

Searching jobs from your home country will not give much results as the recruiters are getting plenty of responses for  each vacancy notifications. (They do prefer easily and immediately available candidates.) It would be a big task for you to relocate with your whole family as the cost of living is very high here. Either you or your husband should visit this country and try for jobs. And rest can follow after the success in it. You can avail visa on arrival for 90 days without any charges. Best of luck.

Thank you very much shanafashyaana, just a question, if we find jobs me and my husband, how much do we need as salaries for the rent, cost of living, schools and savings ??
Thanks a lot  :)

It depends on the location you are going to live. Abu Dhabi is the highest in terms of rent and since you have 2 kids, you may need at least a 2 bedroom apartment. You have to pay approximately 80k/ yr and that's the minimum for an apartment in Abu Dhabi. Besides, the school fee is very high here. I think you got an idea about the expenses. Accept the offer which you can manage with all these. About the job prospects of your husband, I know one person who works as a PE teacher and she is not much fluent in English. So, don't worry. (Arabic will help)

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