Bad Financial Advisers

not long ago i was approached by a Financial Adviser to advise me how to save & invest to increase my end return for me to retire early.
roughly 18 mths now..... i warn you don't do it.!!!
I am in loss of over 6,000 & tied in for 17 years.

I know, what a sill mistake,,,,,

I also have a met life and a salami policy they have become a real burden and are actually creating deficit to my financial mobility

Dear Mam.... may i know your name and country of origin...?

and may i know what type of investment  you made and in which field is it...?

just try out..... and share ur problem....

thanks n regards... Murtaza Kisaa

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Dear Madame,

You need to go back to contract and read the terms for ending the contract , if still nothing is clear get a lawyer and end it up because always there is a solution in these kind of situation beside that you can sue them if there was an information which was not provided to you as well.

Bottom Line you got the lesson so don't trust any Financial advisor whatever is the investment.

Good Luck

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