VOA question - just to clarify

Hi - so, I have no time to get to the embassy in London. Iam a uk citizen which entitles me to 15 day voa is this right?

After that I go to a border to get 15 or 30 days in/out or do the embassy - stay the night and get 3 mths?
Same as Thailand right?
Where's the best/most convenient place to do the run from Hanoi?

Thanks if someone wouldn't mind clearing up :)

(My experience)  Post your visa application + Passport + money to the Embassy
in London  ..and avoid the (long) queues (plural) at the airport.      Choose the
30 day single-entry (cheaper)  Then just do the visa run every three months
(bus trips are best) - but - read the reviews...   If you want the cheapest & fastest
option from Hanoi, ride a motorbike to the INTERNATIONAL, (Not National!)
border gate into Laos (the Na Meo gate is best) (270 km)
Get your stamps and return the same day.     Good viewing too.      :top:

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